Paddle Day 5 & 6

Paddle Day 5:

76km done today. Make it to Kleinsee. Had a short stop for more juice and a bite to eat and then paddled another 2hrs to a place called Swartstraat. A bit further than planned due shore admin issues but safely ashore on a 2m sandy gap in the rocks. Will update more tomorrow when I find some time? Mmm not sure there will be reception tomorrow.  Time will tell.



Paddle Day 6:
It was an early start again. 4:30 to drive the 25k to the put in spot. Some admin with mine security with giving us keys but a few phone calls and we were in.

Dinner at the Crazy Crayfish, Kleinsee

With a low tide the little gully between the rocks had a wave breaking across it which certainly got my heart rate going.  Fending off the rocks with hand and feet I had a quick scramble to punch through some white water and I was off.

The South wind had already started its unpleasant business and increased all the time. Todays paddle was pretty much made up of the usual rocky coast line with lots of small bays and three ship wreaks. Not sure the name of the first one but the others are the Arosa and Baratini.The end of the day was Bamboesbaai 30km. Was able to have a shorter day after doing an extra 20km yesterday.Paul had some challenging soft sand tracks to follow along the coast on the Ship Wreak 4×4 Tour. Won’t be fun for him if he gets bogged down on his own, but then again he is driving a Landy so not much fear of that!Tomorrow (Saturday) is a hop to Hondeklipbaai and will try leaving well before sunrise to sneak one on Mr South Easter Wind.Day 6 (contd..):What to do for the rest of the day at Bamboesbaai? Well we went for a drive to Koingaas to see Dudley and Aletta Wessels. They have been fantastic and ever so helpful. They run the shipwreck 4×4 tour as well as one of the

most stunning holiday spots I have had the pleasure of seeing, called Noup! Old diamond divers cottages overlooking the sea. We were spoilt with a braai for dinner with them at Noup before hitting the sack around 9pm.We were up at 04h30 but the wind was still blowing unfavourably so I decided that we will check it out an hour later when there was some dawn light to see the state of the sea. Once I could see the conditions on the water I decided to give it a go even thought the wind was still blowing and the swell had increased and was forecast to increase some more.The first section getting past Noup was very lumpy and big which made progress slow. The visibility was not great, about 1km. At one point I had to venture quite a way offshore to avoid the big rollers that were crumbling over the shallow and once out there I could just see the shore line.I saw my first fin today but will pretend it was a Sunfish. More bluebottles bobbing about and another whale spotted. I spent a lot of time thinking how a Gary Larsen cartoon on these stinging creatures would read. Still working on it!Entry into Honderklip baai was straight forward with my “other half” Paul giving me directions on the VHF radio and I was soon safe and sound on the beach. What is still taking its toll on me is the cold water and especially my hands and feet even though I am wearing gloves and booties. It’s always a stumble onto the beach for the first few steps.

Tonight we are being hosted by Ann-Marie at Skulpieskraal ( It is a tented camp site under A-framed shade cloth. Very lekker. Later on we will have dinner and watch the rugby at the Rooi Spinnerkop.

Today was a short 25km day thanks to getting the long one in a few days back. We are finally out of the diamond mine area and head into Parks Board turf for a while. (Side note to my wife, Judy: Diamonds may be forever but the destruction left behind to get them is the forever part! Sorry no more from me!) How’s as that for an out….lol


Hondeklipbaai, “Die Rooi Spinnekop”

Overnight camp spot

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4 thoughts on “Paddle Day 5 & 6

  1. Jane

    So far so good! Miss you at the office. Haha. Do you want the good news or the bad news…!! 🙂 Vasbyt as they say, doing well. Love ya.

  2. Debby

    Hi Rich! Going strong hey!! That is fabulous news!! Thinking of you………….Debby xxx

  3. Marie Allen

    Sure hope the howling SE we are having today doesn’t affect you too much…..well done, keep it up! Marie

  4. Sandy Blake

    Hi Richard, trust today’s so-westerly is too unsympathetic! So sorry I missed you at Kleinzee, but know that our team would have taken care in my absence.

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