Connecting you to tourism in South Africa

tourismZA came about as the amalgamation of On Track Club, an informal social network of like-minded individuals who gave of their time to environmental and social upliftment initiatives, and Displays & Exhibitions, an exhibition marketing company, into a structured entity (tourismZA) that now supports and connects these initiatives and individuals. On Track Club was established in August 1992, and then D&E in 2006 – tourismZA was registered in May 2011.

Our mission

Our mission is to connect people to tourism in South Africa – this includes the South African tourism industry and travellers in South Africa.  We provide this service in a way that compliments existing marketing initiatives. We do this with a view to improving the quality of life.

What we do

tourismZA connects YOU to tourism in South Africa

  1. It connects each of its tourism industry members to relevant tourism industry contacts throughout South Africa and abroad.
  2. It connects South African tourism industry members to active travellers – the result is “bums in beds”.

How we do it

More than providing a state art online communication and social networking platform, we also provide the physical means of identifying and meeting your target market.

With or on your behalf we set up and attend national and international tourism trade shows; not only do we make new contacts we also, proactively, establish relationships on your behalf with industry contacts that range from international buyers to local tour operators and ground handlers.

From there, we create, maintain and profile tourism industry and traveller contact profiles so that you can communicate with them directly using our online and social media capabilities.

Why we do it

We do it to improve the quality of life for ALL!

To many this is an abstract concept. However, once you experience tourismZA first-hand you will understand how every time there is a financial transaction through the tourismZA platform YOU benefit.

Contact information                                                            

10 Pittosporum Street                    Tel: +27 21 855 5246

Helderview                                       Fax: +27 86 665 5246                                      

Somerset West 7130                       Email: info@tourismZA.co.za

South Africa

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